We Have Finally Made It Home: 1757 S. Old HWY 94

We would like to thank all of our valued customers for your continued support despite the upheaval of the last few years. 2013 was a trying year in particular, but we are finally settling into our new home.

  • Welcome
    To Our
    New Home

    1757 S.
    Old Hwy 94
    St. Charles, MO

  • Come
    Our Fish!

    This is the new
    home to our
    old fish.

  • Plants
    and Fish

    We have
    an excellent
    selection of
    plants and fish.

  • Open

    Our new home
    features easy
    access and
    an open
  • New

    We have expanded
    our stock of

  • Indoor

    Wide selection of
    indoor tabletop
    fountains Too!

Thank You For Making Our Open House

A Great Success

We had a great turn out for our open house in may. It was good to see so many familiar faces. The last couple of years have been a difficult time for us and our customers and we enjoyed having a chance to thank you for your continued support despite the inconvenience.

Expanded Selection of Fish

We have upgraded our fish vat systems this year to accommodate 3 times more fish than ever before. Along with all of the standard varieties we've had for years, this will allow us to get many types of premium quality koi as well as some of the fancier types of goldfish.

We have many more fountains than ever before!

Now that we have the space to spread out we decided it was time to expand our selection of statuary and fountains. Come see the Dozens of different Fountains and Statues we have to offer. This particular one makes an excellent birdbath. The moving water keeps the mosquitoes away!

Summer Hours


Open 7 Days:

9am - 6pm


June 21st & 22nd

The St. Louis Water Gardening Society Hosts a Self Guided tour to some of the most spectacular water gardens in the area.

Tickets are now for sale at Ponds Plus: $15 per person

Click Here for more information.

No More Fish Trade-Ins

Due to the high temperatures we are not taking fish trade ins for the foreseeable future. Moving fish around during the heat of the summer causes excess stress and can be harmful to them.

Mosquito Season is here.

Be sure to dump any standing pools of water to prevent the spread of mosquitoes. We have gambusia (mosquito fish) and mosquito dunks in stock.

Spring Cleaning!

Pond Vacuums are available for rent. Check out our spring cleaning checklist.

This Was An Especially Harsh Winter

The last few months we have seen weather that St. Louis hasn't experienced since 1979. As a result many people have been coming in after finding that they lost all of the fish in their ponds. Help protect your fish though the harshest weather with a large air pump.


Over the last few years many people have been getting excited about aquaponics. We have the supplies and know-how to help you get started indoors or out. Harness the nutrient rich water that your fish produce into a healthy garden!

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