Pre-Formed Pond Flexible Liner Pond Waterfalls & Streams Plumbing Overview

Water Gardens come in all shapes and sizes. There are many different aspects that are important to take into account before putting in a water garden. Are you wanting a waterfall or a fountain? Do you plan to have fish and/or plants? What type of filter will work best with your design? What is the best spot in your yard for a pond? These are all important questions to consider before you start digging. This site is a comprehensive guide to understanding what goes into installing and maintaining a healthy water garden.

Before you Install:

Liner vs Pre-Formed

There are two different types of material that are commonly used to build a pond; flexible EPDM liners and hard plastic inserts. For most situations the liners are the preferred method for a couple of reasons. They are easier to install, generally less expensive, and have a longer life span. The only real advantage to the hard plastic inserts is their puncture resistance.

Understanding the Ecosystem

A water garden is a self-contained eco-system. Understanding how everything is related is important to making your pond as healthy and maintenance-free as possible. It is recommended that you look over the Algae Control and Filtration guides before you finalize your design.