Canna Taney



Canna glauca 'Taney'

Canna glauca 'Taney' is one of the best choices for a canna lily in the water garden.  Hybridized by Longwood gardens this is a true water loving canna unlike many of the others in the trade.  Canna 'Taney' has bright orange flowers and reaches a height of more than 4 feet.  Great for the background areas of a pond you can enjoy flowers all summer long with this tropical marginal plant.

  • Common Name:      Canna taney
  • Use: Tropical marginal
  • Flower Color: Orange
  • Leaf Color: Green
  • Height: 4’
  • Hardiness Zone: 8-11
  • Native To: Hybrid
  • Available As: 2” and 4” pots

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