Penn Plax 20' 3/16 Inch Deluxe Silicone Flexible Airline Tubing



Penn-Plax Deluxe Flexible Silicone Tubing is perfect for all your aquarium airline needs. This tubing is made from a silicone material that stands up to wear and will not crack or become brittle over time. Super soft & flexible, this tubing resists kinking and is safe for both fresh & salt water environments. The light blue color blends in with most environments making it easy to hide. Ideal for aquariums & for applications where flexibility and durability are a must.
  • Flexible silicone tubing that stays soft & flexible without kinking
  • High quality silicone tubing that does not crack or become brittle over time like regular tubing
  • Standard 3/16 diameter common to most airline accessories

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