PondMax PF1200UV Pressure Filter W/ UV Clarifier



The PF1200UV Pressure Filter from PondMAX is a high efficiency and pressurized pond filtration system with an integrated ultraviolet clarifier. This pond filter uses modern technology and a user-friendly design in order to make your pond maintenance as easy as possible. This pressure filter has a compact design and is very effective. You will be amazed at how easy the installation is and how clean the water in your garden pond will stay. This PondMAX filter requires little maintenance and comes with a cleaning indicator and backwash functionality. As one of the best pond filters on the market, this filter is perfect for ponds up to 1,200 gallons without fish and 600 gallons for ponds that do contain fish. The cable length is 16 feet, the ultraviolet clarifier is 13 watts, and the max flow is 1,200 GPH. If you are looking for a garden pond filter that will be low-maintenance and will significantly reduce the work on your part when it comes to keeping your garden pond clean, you’ll want the PF1200UV!


  • Compact and Effective Filtration System
  • Low Maintenance with Cleaning Indicator and Backwash Functionality
  • Simple Configuration and Easy Installation


  • Maximum Pond Size Without Fish/Shaded:  1,200 Gallons

  • Maximum Pond Size With Fish/Full Sun:  6,00 Gallons

  • Max Flow:  1,200 GPH

  • UV-C: 13 Watts

  • Cable Length:  16 Ft.

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