Proline Pro5000 Skimmer




• Strong Ribbed Cylindrical Housing Eliminates Cave-Ins

• Made from Heavy Duty High Density Polyethylene

• Ribs Anchor the Skimmer Solidly in Place, No Shifting or Heaving

• Tall 7" x 11" Wide Door for Efficient Skimming Over a Wide Range of Water Levels

• Install 2 Pumps in the Same Skimmer for Massive Flows and Maximum Efficiency

• Large Capacity Clog Resistant Leaf Basket that Keeps Debris Away from the Pump

• Accommodates Most Pumps Up to 8,000 GPH

• Versatile Bulkhead Placement Allows Multiple Inlets and Fittings Up to 2"

• Skimmer Lid Supports 300 lbs.

• For Maximum Cleaning, Use with Clearguard or ProLine Pressurized Filter Systems.

• Packed Individually

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