Savio Skimmer w 8.5" Weir



Standard Skimmerfilters Combine 4 Types of Filtration
Savio Skimmerfilters are suitable for ponds of all sizes and can be used as a skimming solution for ponds up to 10,000 gallons and the total filtration solution for ponds up to 1,500 gallons.
UV Filtration
Savio Skimmerfilters are the only skimmers on the market with a patented integrated UV system (sold separately)
Skimming Action
Pulls debris from the surface of the water and captures it in a rigid leaf basket for easy cleaning; no mess!
Biological Filtration
Filter media provides a surface for beneficial bacteria to colonize, converting waste from fish into inert forms
Mechanical Filtration
Conceals and extends the life of your pump by filtering out floating particulate that can clog water intakes.

  • Weir Size: 8.5"
  • Flow Rate: 3,000 GPH - 8.5" Weir
  • Max Pond Size:5,000 Gallons

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